Foods That Are Rich in Biotin

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Biotin, also called vitamin H, B7 or B8, can be found primarily in animal organs such as liver and kidneys, and in foods such as egg yolks, whole grains, and nuts.

This vitamin plays important roles in the body such as preventing hair loss, maintaining skin, blood and nervous system health, as well as promoting the absorption of the other B-complex vitamins in the gut.
The recommended daily allowance of biotin for healthy adults is 30 μg per day, which can be ingested through the biotin-rich foods shown in the table below.

Food (100 g) Amount of Biotin Energy
Peanut 101.4 μg 577 calories
Hazelnut 75 μg 633 calories
Wheat bran 44.4 μg 310 calories
Almond 43.6 μg 640 calories
Oat bran 35 μg 246 calories
Chopped walnut 18.3 μg 705 calories
Boiled egg 16.5 μg 157.5 calories
Cashew nut 13.7 μg 556 calories
Cooked mushrooms 8.5 μg 18 calories

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