Very Basic Tips to Handle Oily Skin

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There are several factors that can promote oily skin. For many people, sebum production increases depending on the seasons – usually in spring or summer. Even a warm and humid climate can contribute to oily skin. In the case of stress , the level of various stress hormones increases, which also influence sebum production and thereby promote oily skin. Whether a one-sided or unhealthy diet, however, lead to oily skin and pimples, is not scientifically proven.

General tips for oily skin –

  1. Cleanse your skin regularly in the morning and, in the evening, if you use makeup or your skin is very greasy. The goal is to gently or gently degrease the skin – but not to degrease it completely.
  2. Do not use alkaline soaps when cleaning, as they will attack the acid mantle of the skin. Better is a soap-free cleanser for facial cleansing.
  3. If you are using a tonic, do not apply by hand – cotton pads are more suitable.
  4. Maintain your skin daily, but avoid high-oil skincare products.
  5. Do a peeling once a week. However, if you are struggling with pimples, you better avoid using “mechanical” scrubs that rub over your face.
  6. Once a week, use a facial steam bath, such as chamomile, to prevent pimples.

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