Truths About Micellar Water That Product Labels Won’t Tell You

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Micellar Water is one of the facial cleansing products in the form of water consisting of micelles or small molecules in the form of a round oil from cleaning oil. It is this micelles that make all kinds of dirt, dust, and makeup get removed perfectly.

Micellar water is suitable for use as a facial cleanser for dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. Its natural ingredients and molecular form of micelles are able to cleanse the face without making a dry face.

The advantages of Micellar Water are:

  1. Micellar Water is suitable for various skin types. Even so Micellar water is also available in various types that you can choose to really suit your skin type.
  2. Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.
  3. Gentle facial cleanser.
  4. Micellar Water does not contain alcohol.
  5. Does not make skin dry.
  6. No need to be cleaned with water.

Despite having many advantages, Micellar Water also has drawbacks. The drawback of Micellar Water is that you still need more effort to remove make up that is too heavy and water-proof. Especially if your face has excess oil.

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