Tips to Remove Dark Circles

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  1. Sleep on your back with your head on a fairly thick or firm pillow and at least six hours (although ideally eight). Gravity causes fluid to accumulate and restful sleep is key to a fresh face.
  1. Keep allergies under control by keeping your room airy and clean on mattresses, pillows, furniture and decorations.
  1. Clean your face well eliminating any makeup before sleeping. Any product that irritates the eyes can cause the area to swell. You can even use ophthalmological drops to rinse the eye ducts, relieve infections and clean everything that disturbs your eyes.
  1. Do daily exercise to help good blood circulation in the face and body. Yoga is a good exercise to stimulate breathing and make your skin look fresh.
  1. If in the morning you see that your eyes are swollen or bluish in color you can apply a refreshing product to reduce inflammation.
  1. Eat vegetables and fruit (with little sugar and salt to combat fluid retention) and vitamins in your daily diet. Strawberries, tangerines, kiwi, spinach, carrots and eggplant and do not miss iron in your diet. “Eat red meat 1 or 2 times a week and if you want the vegetarian option: lentils and spinach and if necessary iron-containing supplements,”
  1. Organize your life to reduce stress (if possible). Stress releases cortisol and this causes an increase in blood, swelling and a multitude of unwanted effects in your body.
  1. Drink about 2 liters of water a day and eliminate bad habits such as alcohol and all harmful substances that contribute to premature aging and damage to your body.
  1. Protect yourself from ultraviolet rays. Always use sunscreen before leaving home.
  1. Create a routine with moisturizer or eye contour specific to your skin type and the area to be treated.

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