Step By Step: Learn How To Exfoliate The Face

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To keep the skin healthy and beautiful, women should follow a routine of skin care. One of the most important steps is exfoliation, which removes dead cells and promotes skin renewal by thoroughly cleaning the pores. However, to achieve the positive results of the technique, you need to know how to exfoliate the face correctly.

Step by step: How to exfoliate the face

  1. Cleaning

Before doing the exfoliation, it is important to prepare the skin by cleaning it well with a suitable product. It can be bar soap, liquid or a cleansing lotion.

  1. Exfoliation

After removing the makeup and wiping the first layer of skin, it is time to do a deeper cleansing and exfoliate the face. Remember to make circular and smooth movements. Then wash thoroughly to remove all product.

  1. Tonic

After exfoliating the face, toning is another important step. The astringent tonic treats the clogged and dilated pores, preparing the skin to receive hydration. It should be applied through soft tapping with the fingertips on the skin.

  1. Hydration

With clean and toned skin, the last step is hydration. Choose a product suitable for your skin type, such as an oil-free for oily skins


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