Reduce Skin Oiliness with These 5 Steps

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There are different types of skin. One is drier, where the most prevalent aspect is dryness. The other is called mixed, meaning the skin is drier on the cheek and oily in the regions of the chin, nose and forehead.

There are also people with oily skin, where oiliness predominates throughout the face.

The cause of the increase of the regions of oily skin is the excess production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. This increase in sebum causes the appearance of pimples and blackheads to increase considerably as well.

This increased sebum makes the skin look greasy and shiny. The pores of the skin become more dilated than normal, especially in the central region of the face that encompasses cheeks, nose and chin.

  1. Beware of water temperature

Washing your face with very hot water is extremely harmful and may even cause your skin to burn. When the water is very hot, the oiliness of the skin ends up increasing.

  1. Avoid leaving the hair on the forehead

Choose your haircut carefully. Avoid bangs as they make skin more oily. Try to keep your hair off your skin. Hair also carry dirt and are not washed as often as the face. This can lead to pimples.

  1. Avoid using oily oils or creams

If your skin is already oily, using creams that make it more oily is not the best way, is it?

  1. Beware of air conditioning

On warmer days, it is very common anywhere to use the air conditioning to keep cool. The problem is that the air conditioning can cause dryness of the skin to occur, causing it dehydration.

  1. Protect the skin before bed

Remove all makeup and thoroughly cleanse with astringent products and facial foams. Then apply a gel that contributes to the reduction of skin oiliness.

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