Purify Your Skin With This DIY Coffee, Honey and Olive Oil Face Mask

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The coffee contains valuable substances that are used to maintain a firm, healthy skin. Since this has been known to the ladies for a long time, the coffee mask is considered the best home remedy. The caffeine promotes blood circulation, has a very refreshing and detoxifying effect on the skin and at the same time has a gentle peeling effect, which can even counteract cellulite. Coffee combined with honey ensures that the skin is still perfectly well-groomed.

With this self-made mask, small flakes of skin are removed and cell renewal promoted. The olive oil gives the delicate facial skin a lot of moisture.

Ingredients and preparation:

2 tsp coffee grounds from your filter

2 tbsp natural honey

2 tbsp olive oil

Mix all ingredients well until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Apply the mask on the neck and on the face and let it work for 10 minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water.

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