Pssst: Here Are the Best Beauty Tips from Asia

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A radiant, wrinkle free and spot-free skin is a dream of every woman. Women from Asia are very convincing when it comes to taking care of the skin. They do not prefer makeup when they want to look gorgeous. Instead, they believe that beautiful skin comes from within when one takes care of themselves. Here are some top beauty secrets of Asia.

  1. Protect Your Face from the Sun

The use of a sun protection factor to prevent premature aging of the skin due to UV damage is therefore always advisable.

  1. Cleaning is the beginning of all care

The facial cleansing is given a high priority. It is done in two steps: First, make-up and residues are preferably removed with oily facial cleansing products, followed by deep cleansing with a wash gel or foam and peeling.

  1. Impeccably beautiful skin comes from within

Asian cuisine is especially rich in fresh, healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, soy products and fish.

  1. Green tea

With its antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, tea should counteract the aging process of the skin.

  1. Early dinner

Asians make sure that they rarely have their dinner after 6 pm. Because many foods such as raw fruits and vegetables then remain undigested, which in turn is toxic for the skin.

  1. Rest and Sleep

This attitude of life is good not only for the mind but also for the body and the skin. Less stress leaves the skin to appear smoother and rosier.

  1. In harmony with oneself and the environment

Whether you try yoga, qigong, tai-chi or massages like shiatsu – the focus of Asian relaxation techniques is always the harmony of body and mind.

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