Korean Secret Skin Care Regime to Follow Before Make Up

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Korean women spend a great deal of time and money to take care of their skin. The result: radiant and naturally beautiful skin. They spend more on skin care than make up, which is the right thing to do. After all, when your skin is naturally beautiful, why would you need make up? But they do apply very light make up and that too very carefully so that it doesn’t harm the natural balance of the skin. Following are the tips from Korean women on how to apply make up.

  1. Mix one part of water with one part of mineral spray moisturizing serum and two base oil-free parts to form a foundation moisturizer. Moisten the face with mineral water spray and then apply the base with a tip brush foundation. Hold the brush at a fifteen-degree angle with the handle facing down. This helps the foundation mix adhere to the skin and not separate. Use gentle movements to apply makeup in the direction of facial hair growth. Dampen the skin and continue with another splash of mineral spray water.
  2. Apply raw honey on the entire face as a base face mask. Wash after five minutes with a cream cleanser. Make your regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing regularly. Add an extra moisturizing serum after the last stage. Now combine an air repairer based on 1: 4 relations and applied to the skin with circular movements.
  3. Use a gel based moisturizer on the entire face. Apply a light primer on outer areas of the face. Then take a cotton ball to apply decreased pore balsam, especially in the section with enlarged pores. Let the makeup base set. After that apply the base with a damp sponge. It is an opaque and full coverage base that seems natural, even after the application.
  4. Apply a thin layer of primer and let it set and identify dry spots and apply a little oil on that area of the face in a circular motion to reduce dryness. Then apply a thin layer of foundation with a foundation brush pointed dense. Remember to keep it at an angle of 15 degrees. First, cover the entire face and then return to the area that needs special attention or extra coverage.

Using this make up regime will ensure that you look great everyday and the make up does no harm to your natural beauty of skin and face. Also it is very important to remove make up before you go to bed and also follow the proper skin care routine so that the skin can repair the damage done due to pollution, sun, dirt or other harmful rays.

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