Korean Beauty Rule: Less Make-Up, More Care

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The Korean Skin Care routine is finding more and more followers in Europe and US. And there’s a good reason for it: Because it’s ultimate. Korean women believe in the simple beauty rule: LESS MAKE-UP, MORE CARE. Learn more about Korean skin care routine and the 10 steps to naturally radiant skin.

1. Remove Make-Up

In South Korea, the skin is cleaned with the “Double Cleansing” method, ie in two stages. First, remove the make-up with a gentle cleansing oil. Massage it into circles in your skin. The skin on the eyes is very thin, so be sure not to rub!

2. Cleaning Foam

Now put on a mild cleansing foam or a washing lotion. Take your time and massage the foam in small circles in the skin. This stimulates the blood circulation and is already a big step towards Glow!

3. Gentle Exfoliation

Once a week (not more often, otherwise the effect turns negative) is a gentle peel off. Concentrate on oily skin and clogged pores on the T-zone and areas of your face where blackheads are romping. Do you have very dry and sensitive skin? Then just leave this step!

4. Toner

With a toner you now remove the residues of the facial cleanser and make even the last soiling finish. A good toner nourishes the skin, soothes it, restores the natural pH, and opens it for the following skin care products. Make sure that there is little alcohol so that the skin does not dry out too much.

5. Essence

Until now, the care routine was still quite European. But now comes a substance that is typical of the Korean Nursing Ritual: Essence is light and moisturizing. It nourishes the skin and accelerates cell renewal. The Essence is a decisive step on the way to a smooth, radiant skin. Gently tap it from the bottom up into your skin.

6. Serum

Now follows the serum for the extra-moisture kick. The care ingredients of the serum are combined for a wide variety of needs and skin problems, so you can choose it individually. Tap the serum as well as the Essence.

7. Cloth Mask

The cloth mask – or sheet mask – is impregnated with various care ingredients. Twice a week (with dry skin more often) Koreans treat themselves to this small, relaxing and nurturing, time-out. Your skin can absorb the active ingredients in 15-20 minutes. Then gently massage in the remaining moisture. Enjoy the fresh and supple skin feeling.

8. Eye Cream

the very first wrinkles develop in the thin skin around the eyes and therefore already have an eye cream in the cosmetics cabinet. Massage gently.

9. Emulsion

The lightweight moisturizer has a milky lotion texture that treats skin problems in Korean skin care. You have combination skin or tend to oily skin? Then an emulsion is your first choice as a daily moisturizer.

10. Night Cream

When it comes to Korean skin care, double is better! Although an emulsion provides moisture, but for a radiant complexion, a rich night cream is the last crucial step. Your skin recovers and re-hydrates overnight for the perfect glow during the day.

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