I Discovered The Secret Of Japanese Porcelain Skin

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  1. Proper Moisturizing: Koreans believe that drinking lots of water helps their skin health and start the day by drinking a full glass. Then they pour cold water on the face for a few minutes to wake up and throughout the day they feed on fruits and vegetables that have little sodium to maintain the body’s hydration.
  2. Clean, tone and moisturize: These three little words already say everything. To clean they use products for skin like coconut oils for 4 minutes, then rinse, first with warm water and then with cold water, to close the pores; To tone, the best is to apply the tonic with the tip of the fingers so that the absorption of the product is better; Finally, warm your fingers before applying the moisturizer and remember to make movements from the outside to the inside
  3. Beauty masks: Koreans often make masks with traditional ingredients, well tested and proven by their ancestors. The routine includes the use of two masks, once a week, to help reduce skin impurities. Try one made with the cocoon of the silkworm to lighten the complexion or a home made of clear honey
  4. Care of the neck: These parts close to the face cannot be forgotten! Use neck creams as well
  5. Beauty Sleep: This is nothing new, but it is worth reinforcing that sleeping six to eight hours a day helps maintain skin health. 
  6. Products: If you think that you spend a lot of products before bed or when you wake up you will be surprised to learn that Korean women spend 10 to 20 products on their skin every day. Wow!!
  1. Facial exercises: This is a common practice among Korean actors and actresses, but it can do the same. Just repeat the syllables “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” ten times opening the mouth well to fiddle with all the muscles
  2. Make-up:

– In the eyes warm tones and very noticeable black eyeliner

– Mascara on the lashes

– A little pink blush helps to make the skin more blush

– Natural color lipsticks for the lips

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