How to Exfoliate Your Face with Rose Petals

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Rose has an exquisite fragrance. In addition to that, it has number of benefits for your skin. Do you know that rose plants are extremely delicate and do not do well even if the pH of the soil is a little unbalanced. Rose petals have anti-inflammatory properties. They soothe the skin and reduce any irritation on the skin. They also bring a glow on the skin by enriching it with vitamins and minerals. This is an exfoliating mask made with rose petals and sugar. It not only soothes skin but also removes dirt from the skin.


A handful of rose petals

3 tbsp sugar

3 tablespoons olive oil (If you have combination skin or dry skin, you can substitute this ingredient with almond oil/ argan oil/ tea tree oil)


Put the rose petals and sugar in the bowl of the mixer.

Beat the two ingredients to extract all the properties in the present petals.

Then, you just have to add olive oil or almond oil and stir well with a spoon.

Apply it on your face to with gentle, circular massage.

After massaging the skin for a few minutes, remove this homemade exfoliator with warm water.

Dry your face with a towel and apply the moisturizer that you commonly use.

The sugar will remove dead skin cells and you will feel a rosy glow on your face.

The rose petals and olive oil, meanwhile, moisturize the skin making it soft and supple.

Put into the practice of this beauty tip once a week every 15 days.

Rose is known for its exceptional ayurvedic properties. Women in the ancient times used to use it for enhancing their beauty.

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