Grapeseed Oil for Skin – Benefits and Uses

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Grapeseed oil to fight aging

Grapeseed oil hydrates and keep the skin younger looking. It contains a high content of antioxidants, vitamin C, D, E, and beta-carotene, which increase the resistance of the skin and help get rid of wrinkles.

Grapeseed oil for eyelashes

Grapeseed oil has nutrients and properties that help hair growth. Use it on the eyelashes to make them longer and thicker.

Non-oily way to moisturize skin

Grapeseed oil is very light in weight unlike other oils. It is very easy for the skin to absorb it. So if you have oily skin, grapeseed oil can be your go-to oil to nourish your skin without worrying about clogging your pores.

Excellent for acne

Grapeseed oil has linoleic and oleic acid which are anti-inflammatory and reduce the size of pimples. Because it is non-oily and does not clog pores, it will not trap dirt and oil within skin.

Eliminates dark circles

Due to high anti-oxidant content, grapeseed oil can also be a remedy for dark circles.

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