Essential Habits to Keep Your Skin Healthy

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Absolutely everything we do interferes in some way with the body – so many of our actions have a direct impact on the skin , which is the largest organ in the human body.

Use only products that fit your skin type

You must know your skin. Is it normal, dry, mixed or oily? If you have no idea, consult a dermatologist or a skin specialist to remove this doubt.

Knowing the skin type, you can go for the products developed especially for it.

– Mixed skin  does well with aloe vera products, which remove the oil in the right measure and without leaving the normal area dry;

– Oily skin  needs special treatment, due to the tendency to acne and the production of more oils than normal, but as a rule the products based on sulfur or green tea are beneficial for it;

– Dry skin should receive increased hydration, which products based on honey, milk and oats provide; and

– Normal skin is the quietest when it comes to choosing products, which are usually neutral and with some moisturizing agents.

The information on what kind of skin a product is intended for and which are its active ingredients are always well visible on the labels. Paying attention to them avoids problems such as irritations, allergies and effects contrary to what is desired. For example: a product for oily skin can cause scaling on dry skin, just as a product for dry skin can aggravate the oily skin’s greasiness.

Have a face cleansing routine

Normal, dry, mixed or oily, the skin of the face should be cleaned twice a day: one in the morning (preferably soon after waking) and one at night (before bed). “The skin needs routine. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and treating should be seen as a ritual.

It’s quite simple. First wash your face with proper soap and water, as explained above. Then apply astringent (for oily skin), tonic (for other skin types) or micellar water (for all skin types). To finish, moisturizer – and attention: all skins need a moisturizer, even oily ones.

Wear sunscreen daily

The sunscreen avoids the action of UVA and UVB rays on the skin, preventing premature aging and skin cancer. And there’s more: it also protects against the appearance of blemishes, sagging and wrinkles.

Nowadays, it is mandatory to apply sunscreen to the face and body even if the destination is not the pool or the beach.

Moisturize the body from the inside out

An internal help to the external action of skin products is the hydration of the body, ie drinking water. The body that is not properly hydrated is reflected in flaccid and lumpy skin. And ingested water also helps to eliminate toxins, leaving the skin less prone to blackheads, pimples and marks in general.

Eating foods that are good for the skin

In addition to hydration, food helps maintain the health and beauty of the skin. The main foods are:

– Red fruits (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc.), rich in vitamin C and cyanidin, elements that prevent premature aging of the skin, excess oiliness and the formation of acne;

– Pineapple, anti-inflammatory that attacks acne and allergies;

– Carrot, which revitalizes the skin because it is rich in lipoic acid; and

– Salmon, rich in vitamin D and omega-3, help prevent skin cancer by fighting the disordered growth of cells.

Have a good nights sleep

The skin needs the rest period of the body to recover from the aggressions of the day, such as pollution and the sun. The shelter of the night is conducive to cell renewal, oxygenation and reception of the active principles of the treatment creams. A good night’s sleep is by itself a treatment for the skin.

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