“Essence” is the Most Important Part of Korean Skincare Routine: Here Is Why

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Korean women have glowing and flawless skin. Without a doubt, the rest of the world tries to find out their secret. A secret of Korean Skin Care is quickly becoming popular in European brands. It works as a moisturizing bath on the skin to aid in the penetration of all the cosmetics we use. This product is “Essence”. Korean women use it before beginning their skin care routine.

Simply stated, the essence is a textured spray concentrate that keeps the skin moist and soft. The main goal is, above all, to “soak” our skin with moisture.

It is, therefore, a very important step in the routine of Koreans who always apply an essence before any other product.

In addition to moisturizing, the essences also come with other ingredients that leave the skin firm and luminous.

How to use an essence?

Instead of putting on a cotton ball and scrubbing the skin (as you normally do with cleaning products or tonic) or spraying and massaging (as you do with cream or serum), the essences have a specific application technique – the Korean way, of course. Put a little in your hand and, with your fingertips, slowly pressing down along the face, starting at the chin and moving upwards. You can also use a cotton ball as long as you apply it with light pressure.

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