DIY Nourishing Face Masks for Winter Skin

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The change in temperature removes moisture, makes for a pale, brittle complexion. If you are looking for a measure against the dry skin in winter, then try the following nourishing and hydrating masks that can be easily made at home.

Cucumber Quark Honey or Cucumber Quark Olive Oil Mask

For this face mask, which is an excellent moisturizer, you will need two tablespoons of quark (40%), one tablespoon of olive oil or honey and a fresh piece of cucumber. Put cottage cheese and honey or olive oil in a suitable container and stir well. You can either puree the cucumber together with the remaining ingredients or – if there is no blender – cut it into pieces as small as possible.

Avocado-sugar-yogurt mask

For this face mask, you need half a ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons natural yogurt and, depending on your preference, 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar. The avocado is minced (eg with a blender or a fork) and mixed under the yogurt. Then the sugar is added.

What kind of sugar you use does not matter as long as the grains are not too big and too coarse. Depending on how sensitive your facial skin is, you should adjust the amount of sugar. Applying the mask will allow you to achieve a pleasant exfoliating effect with gentle circular movements.


You need a ripe banana and one to two tablespoons of honey. The banana is crushed and mixed with the honey. Then it is applied.

Quark Chamomile Mask

For the quark chamomile mask, you need two tablespoons of quark (40%) and a tea bag of chamomile tea. The chamomile tea is put on with hot water. It will take about 100 milliliters. This will make the tea more concentrated. Once the tea has cooled sufficiently, mix the tea with the quark and apply it to the face.

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