Benefits of Apple Vinegar for Skin and Hair

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Benefits of Apple cider vinegar for Hair

Dry hair: these hairs have open cuticles and hence become dry, rough, full of frizz and bulky. The pH of such a hair is usually more alkaline. To make hair healthier, it is good to invest in products that contain acidic pH to close the cuticles of the hair. Apple cider vinegar has this acidity needed to close these cuticles and keep hair brighter, softer and with less volume.

To close the cuticles of the hair: after washing the hair normally, mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in the conditioner (the required amount for the length of the hair). The amount of vinegar should be less than that of conditioner. Massage into hair, leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.

For shine: Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of hair and also gives shine. To shine, mix in a glass of water, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. After the hair has been washed and conditioned, apply the mixture, remove excess water and do not rinse, let it dry naturally. Do this whenever you feel the hair is dull.

Scalp cleansing: by its antifungal properties, apple cider vinegar cleans the scalp, improving the peeling. Mix water and vinegar in the same proportion enough to wipe the scalp. Massage in a circular motion and rinse. Then wash your hair normally; it’s like a prewash.

Scalp oil: Add in your shampoo a spoonful of apple vinegar: this will balance the pH of the shampoo, improving the oiliness.

Benefits of Apple’s Vinegar for the Skin

Acne / Oiliness: Due to its acidity, when apple cider vinegar is applied on the skin, pores tend to close, reducing skin oils and improving acne. In a cup of water, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Dip a small piece of cotton, remove the excess and apply on the face after washing it with a soap specific for your skin, morning and evening. Then apply sunscreen or moisturizing cream.

Itching and wounds: By its bactericidal action, it restores the acidity of the skin and improves itching and wounds. Pure vinegar may be used locally or diluted in water.

Dry hands: By balancing the pH of the skin, apple cider vinegar improves dryness of the skin. Mix in the same proportion, apple cider vinegar and moisturizer and apply on the hands daily.

Skin blemishes: Apple cider vinegar is a natural skin bleaching agent. To do this, put apple cider vinegar in a cup, cut an onion in half and soak the surface of the onion in the vinegar, soaked for 10 minutes. After this, take the part of the onion and rub over the spots, leave to act 10 minutes on the skin and rinse.

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