Acne in pregnancy: what causes and how to care for the skin

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The blame for the onset of gestational acne during pregnancy is progesterone, a hormone that is produced in a much larger amount than normal in the first three months of pregnancy.

After that period, estrogen levels tend to be higher than progesterone levels and skin begins to improve. But in rare cases. some women may have this acne until delivery.

The great news is that as soon as the baby is born, the hormones return to normal and the skin, too.

Can Any Woman Have Gestational Acne?

Yeah. Gestational acne does not choose ethnicity, age, or social status. But bad habits can interfere with its emergence. In addition to hormones, lifestyle counts a lot. Those who already have oily skin, do not care and still have a poor diet may, yes, have gestational acne.

Caring for acne during pregnancy

From feeding to the creams that are passed on the body, many substances are prohibited for the pregnant women because they can be passed to the baby through the amniotic fluid, damaging their health and even their formation.

As regards with the treatment of gestational acne, retinoic acid, salicylic acid and vitamin A, traditional active principles for oily skin, as detrimental at this stage – and therefore, should not even be considered to soften the skin marks. Lasers and peels are also scratched from the possibilities of skin care.

Instead, face washing with cold or warm water in the morning and before bedtime and application of moisturizer and sunscreen. Always with products suitable to the skin type.

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