4 Secrets of Japanese Skincare

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Japanese women are known for their eternally youthful and childlike skin. Genetics plays an important role in how your skin looks. And Japanese women have the boon good genes for their skin. But that’s not it. Dermatologists now accept that taking regular care of skin can also give you healthy and natural skin. Even Japanese women use a regular skincare routine that keeps their skin young-looking.

We’ll reveal some of the best-kept secrets of the Japanese skincare ritual.

1. Hydration and cleaning

Cleaning is much more important than anything else in your routine. When cleansing is done right, it will remove all kinds of impurities contaminating your skin.

It is best to do thorough cleansing before going to bed and whenever you feel it’s needed during the day.

To clean their skin, Japanese women use cleansing milk. Milk has some oils in it which help remove the oily impurities in your skin.

Follow this by a water-based cleanser. You can use a mild face wash with salicylic acid.

Now it’s time to hydrate the skin. Before you hydrate, it’s important to pat your skin with a warm and wet towel. This opens up the pores and lets the hydration work deeply.

For hydration, use a moisturizer as per your skin needs. It could be gel-based or cream-based or anything that suits your skin best.

2. Massage

While in the west, women go for cosmetic surgeries, Japanese women incorporate facial massage in their routine. Massage works by improving blood circulation in the face and stimulating the skin to absorb more nourishment.

Several massages can be used for contouring the face and toning up the facial muscles. These massages help prevent wrinkles.

3. Protection from sun

Sunscreen is a must-include part of the Japanese skincare routine. The excess sun makes the skin lose its elasticity and collagen, which speeds up aging.

4. Diet

Beauty is skin deep. It is important to make the skin look beautiful from inside out. Japanese women eat foods that contain healthy oils like Omega 3. They include a lot of fruits, green vegetables and whole grains in their diet to get balanced nutrition of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

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