13 Tips for Beautiful and Hydrated Skin

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Tips to have an always healthy and hydrated skin for those who do not live without makeup!


  1. Never sleep with makeup.


  1. Do not use soap in oily areas.


  1. Avoid products that contain alcohol in your formula.


  1. Wash your face with mild soap in the morning and at night.


  1. Use moisturizers immediately after showering.


  1. Drink plenty of fluids


  1. Never sunbathe on the face, use a sunscreen or blocker daily.


  1. Do not use too much hot water when bathing.


  1. Do physical exercises (they help in circulation by bringing nutrients to the skin).


  1. During bathing, avoid vegetable bushes or industrialized sponges. (When used daily, it may contribute to the removal of oil from the skin).


  1. Avoid ingesting too much salt, increasing fluid retention.


  1. Wear comfortable clothing.


  1. Reduce your stress (a factor that contributes a lot to unhealthy skin).

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