10 Secrets of Porcelain Skin

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In fact, the appearance of a smooth and radiant face is not a television camera effect, you know. The reason is, for Korean women — caring for the skin and face is a must. In this case, it is not just beautiful, but also healthy!

With a variety of ways, many, really, Korean women who consistently do maintenance so that the skin remains smooth and youthful. Curious how?

1. Moisturizing the skin

To get a smooth, toned and youthful look, you are required to consume lots of liquid. The intake can be obtained from water or even fruit juice. Usually, Korean women like to do water therapy.

2. Nutritious Food

Korean women also do not forget to pay attention to other nutrients, such as meat and eggs. They make sure to eat foods with a lot of vitamin, minerals and fiber.

3. Face Care

Whether using natural ingredients, or even local beauty products — it is a fact that Korean women give extra care to their face. Well, usually, their treatment method is includes cleansing, toning and, moisturizing. As a complement, also apply anti-aging products, serum, and facial fresheners.

4. Using a Mask

One secret of Korean beauty lies in a mask made from natural ingredients. You can use a mixture of eggs and honey as a natural mask.

6. Beauty Products

Did you know, in one day, Korean women can use ten up to 20 beauty products?

7. Face Gymnastics

In a short time, you can imitate facial exercises by Korean women. The trick, simply by saying “ma, mi, mu, me, mo” for ten minutes.

8. Enough Rest

Although known as “busy”, Korean women don’t forget their need to rest.

9. Exercise diligently

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is important, you know, for beauty. It doesn’t have to be extreme, really. Enough simple exercise, such as cycling or jogging.

10. Avoid Stress

the high levels of stress can cause wrinkles, dark circles and even acne!

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