10 myths and truths about sunscreen

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Applying Sunscreen on wet skin is better – Myth

Have you noticed that when applying the sunscreen with the wet body the product spreads more easily? Although practical, this is not a good thing. Upon contact and mixing with water, the cosmetic is diluted and ends up losing part of its protection.

The sunscreen with color protects the skin more than usual – Truth

In addition to protecting against UVA and UVB radiation, the color sunscreen also creates a physical barrier to visible light, which, as its name suggests, is any illumination we can see with the naked eye, such as lamps, computers , televisions and cell phones.

It is not necessary to wear sunscreen on cloudy days – Myth

Regardless of whether or not the sun shines in the sky, we remain vulnerable to its effects, because clouds filter only part of the radiation coming from it. The emission of the UVA ray, which is one of the main responsible for the premature aging, spots and skin cancer, is a constant even on cloudy days and it is imperative to protect against it always.

Use makeup with sun protection factor is enough to care for the skin – Myth

A colored sunscreen can replace the base, but a base will never be enough to replace the filter. This is because, normally, the FPS present in these products is very low. Moreover, it is difficult to apply the amount required for effective protection because it is a different cosmetic. The ideal is to use a sunscreen without color first and then apply the makeup

Solar protector helps prevent premature aging – Truth

The sun ‘s rays are one of the main factors responsible for premature aging and protecting them helps prevent wrinkles, blemishes, dryness of the skin and the action of free radicals, which age our face.

Sunscreen causes acne – Myth

What can worsen acne skin is the oily base of some sunscreens. Therefore, before choosing which product will be used to make the protection, it is necessary to find the best cosmetic for your type of dermis.

On the beach or pool, it is only necessary to reapply the protector if we enter the water – Myth

The sunscreen does not work all day and reapplying it is extremely necessary, especially in a situation of long exposure to the sun and constant perspiration, which is the case of a summer day at the beach or swimming pool.

The SPF index of sunscreens shows how long the skin will be protected – Myth

Contrary to what many people believe, SPF does not tell you about the power of protection, but rather about how long your skin will be protected.

It does not make any difference to apply the sunscreen before leaving the house or when arriving at the beach – Myth

The correct thing is to spend the sunscreen for at least 15 minutes before leaving the house so that the skin has time to absorb it.

Solar spray filter does not have such effective protection – Truth

In addition to FPS and protection against UVA and UVB and infrared rays, in order for the protective action to be effective, it is necessary to apply the correct amount of product to the skin.

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