Worst Mistakes You Make After Running

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Here are some most common mistakes that people make after running.

After running you do without cool down exercises

When we jog our body works at full speed. The pulse is fast, the muscles are tense. After the running, you should gently normalize them. If you stop abruptly, you risk injury. The soreness also turns out stronger.

You do not stretch your muscles

After running, do you put your feet up? Permanently tense muscles are more prone to injury. Your training success is also reduced. If you never relax your muscles, you lose your pace.

You do not shower

Just because it is cold and you do not smell bad doesn’t mean you can skip the shower. The body releases toxins when should be washed off.

You do not eat anything after running

During exercise, your body needs extra nutrients. Subsequently, the glycogen stores are empty. To get new energy, you should eat healthy food after running.

You eat too much after running

Don’t end up consuming more calories than you have burned. After working out, it makes sense to reward yourself, but stick to healthy food and do not binge eat!

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