Which is Better for Weight Loss? Green Tea or White Tea?

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Green Tea is probably the most famous drink in the world among all those that promise fast and healthy weight loss. But there are certain more type of tea that aid in losing weight. One of them is the white tea. White tea is quite similar to green tea. Find out the difference between green tea and white tea in the following article.

Green Tea

Its antioxidant effects come from a substance called catechin which, in addition to controlling the action of free radicals and reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, helps to dribble the premature aging.

addition to catechin, tea is rich in bioflavonoids, both substances block the cellular changes that give rise to tumors.

The daily recommendation ranges from five cups to one liter, and consumption should be at least three months.

But there’s no use counting on green tea alone and waiting for the extra fat to disappear. It is also important to follow a diet low in saturated fats, and processed foods, and rich in whole foods.

Because it contains caffeine, drink consumption should be limited to the afternoon in order to avoid sleep disorders.

White tea

This type of tea has the same nutritional characteristics of green tea.

The only difference is that it is made with younger leaves. However, white tea is harvested only once a year and consists of plant shoots and flowers in a composition of more potentially active nutrients.

The white tea is the same as green tea except a change in the flavor of the, white tea has a sweeter and softer taste. The benefits, however, remain as those of green tea. It is able to slow down the aging process, lower bad cholesterol levels, speed metabolism and burn body fat all the same.

So, the choice is yours on which one to pick as your favorite beverage.

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