What to eat pre workout and post workout

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Your pre and post workout foods play a key role in muscle development and weight loss. These foods can boost power while working out and help replenish muscle after working out. Here’s what you should eat post and pre workout.

Before training

Your pre-cardio meals should include good amounts of healthy carbohydrates, but since these contain a lot of fiber content (which takes longer to digest) you should be careful not to eat so much.

It is advisable to eat three or four hours before your cardio exercises, it is best to make a normal meal since you will have enough time to digest it.

  • Brown rice (quality carbohydrates with slow energy release in the bloodstream) along with a chicken breast may be a good option.
  • Vegetable salad with seeds and olive oil (healthy carbohydrates together with healthy fat) with some fish or cheese cubes in the salad.
  • Integral pasta with ricotta cheese and vegetables grilled or sautéed in olive oil.
  • Fruit salad and some feta cheese or ricotta cheese.

If you only have one hour before training, the best is a low-fat snack with a low amount of protein (which also takes a long time to digest), in addition to the amount of food you eat.

  • A glass of low fat yogurt
  • A granola bar
  • One or two pieces of fruit
  • A glass of squeezed fruit juice, a spoonful of honey and two cheese fetas.

After training

At the end of your training, you have to recharge your energy reserves and also give your body the necessary protein to avoid using your muscle tissue as energy. This means that it is time for a good dose of healthy carbohydrates and a touch of protein.

  • A glass of skim or reduced fat milk
  • A cereal bar or a protein bar
  • A sandwich of sardines
  • A handful of nuts and a banana

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