Week’s Diet Plan (Start This Monday!)

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On the first day, you should take for breakfast a slice of whole grain bread with organic ham.

Then you should have a snack. Either a banana or an apple.

For lunch, it is recommended to make spelled spaghetti. Best with a biological tomato sauce and a mixed salad.

Eat banana or berries as a snack.

For dinner a homemade cream of vegetable soup with a slice of wholegrain bread is sufficient.


you treat yourself exactly the same, except for the snacks. Instead eat a salad of tomato, cucumber, basil, paprika and corn


Change the lunch from the first day with something you can make using vegetable stock, rapeseed oil, risotto and herbs.


Eat two boiled eggs for breakfast. Continue the rest of the day as it is, but remove the snacks.


The usual dinner is replaced with a fruit like a honeydew melon.


Eat an apricot between breakfast and lunch. Between lunch and dinner, eat a strawberry salad.


Treat yourself to anything you want but don’t bombard your body with calories and destroy your week’s diet.

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