The “King Dove Yoga Pose” for Runners

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Running and yoga have little in common, but they complement each other ideally. That’s why combined training from both sports is unbeatable for endurance, strength and flexibility.

Yoga increases agility – this results in a better knee lift when running, the steps become “rounder”, longer and can adapt better to different speeds and surfaces. This allows you to run longer as well as faster.

The King Dove Yoga Pose

The ‘King Dove’ is a yoga pose that stretches a variety of muscles, but also intensively opens the hips and massages the inner abdominal organs. At the same time, it has a soothing, relaxing and cooling effect, during a yoga class or after running.

The front leg is placed as far as possible in a right angle, where you hang up the foot. The other leg is stretched out towards the back and placed on the footrest. The hands rested next to the hips, which remain parallel to each other on the floor. If the hip of the front leg lifts or the pressure gets too high, it helps to put a pillow under the hip.

The upper body is first held upright, the spine stretched and if you want you can lead your arms up over your head.

Who can, bends with the entire upper body while exhaling with a straight back forward while the tailbone is pushed backward. If you want to go a little further, you can lay your head on the floor and push the palms forward on the floor forward.

It is important, as with all yoga exercises, that you slowly inhale and exhale through the nose while releasing the tension

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