“Lose Weight While You Sleep” with This Biorhythm

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“Losing weight while sleeping” is the result of a scientific research that found out how our body makes fat while we are sleeping.

It is a special form of food combining: in the morning, carbohydrates are on the table, at midday carbohydrates and proteins and in the evening only proteins. This diet helps the body cope with all tasks, use fat as an energy source to release growth hormones and break down the toxins of the day.

Following this diet biorhythm can help your body lose weight while you sleep. I’ll explain in this article how you lose weight while sleeping.

As per the researchers, there is a connection between biorhythm and fat burning during sleep. Nutritionists say that controlling Insulin production at night can lead to loss in fat. Following the diet to decrease insulin production at night along with sufficient sleep and mild exercise can lead to the much aspirated success in losing weight without much effort.

Insulin is a hormone that controls the fat production. This is the hormone that converts sugar into fat. The main job of the nsulin is to transport the energy and nutrients into the cells for their daily functioning. Once a cell has absorbed enough energy, all remaining nutrients remain in the blood.

However, since our cells no longer have any more need of the extra energy, the insulin that is now present is deposited by the body in the fatty tissue. This can eventually lead to obesity, even diabetes. The answer to this is simple. Our body needs lesser energy at night, so if we eat less, no extra food will be transformed into fat.

You should avoid an elevated insulin level. If it is too high, it will create fat. To avoid that, eat early in the evening and do not eat anything at night.

Some more ways to lose weight while sleeping are:

  1. Do not drink alcohol.
  2. Sleep for at least 7 hours.
  3. Don’t take stress. Those who go to bed in stress will either have difficulty falling asleep or cannot sleep through restful sleep.

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