How Different Foods Affect Your Mood

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Our mood is an emotional state determined by various factors. Our mood is also controlled by our hormones, which is why small amount of physical activity makes us happy instantly. Food affects our mood too. Certain foods release hormones that control our mood. Below is a list of various foods and how they impact your mood.

Spicy makes you happy

Hot spices such as pepper and chili can make you happy and also erotic. Responsible for this is the capsaicin contained in the spices. This sharp substance triggers small pain stimuli on the tongue. As a result, the body’s own happiness hormones – the endorphins – are released. Food that is too spicy can however, can permanently irritate the stomach and intestinal lining.

Sour does not always make fun

Sour does not always make fun. Extreme acid acts so heavily on the stomach that it almost hurts. On the other hand, slightly less acidic foods cause a stimulating sensory experience. Eating sour food releases Serotonin which affects our mood and sexual desires. Representatives of medium-acid fruits are currants and sour cherries. Also refreshing are sour milk products like buttermilk and yoghurt.

Coffee makes you happy

When the body gets tired, it produces the sleep-inducing adenosine. This makes us slow. Caffeine eliminates this effect within 20 minutes by stimulating the central nervous system. This dilates the blood vessels, stimulates digestion and increases muscle activity. The instant effect of drinking coffee is a boost in energy levels, however, if you drink too much coffee on daily basis, then it can also cause depression and anxiety.

Chocolate comforts

The most popular soul-comforter is chocolate. One reason for this is the cocoa content of chocolate, which contains the stimulating substances – caffeine and theobromine. The darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa content and thus the stimulating effect. In addition, the sugar from chocolate is absorbed quickly by the body and raises the blood sugar level. As a result, the protein building block tryptophan is increasingly absorbed into the brain. There, the “happiness hormone” serotonin is formed from tryptophan, which spreads good mood in the brain for a short time.

Pasta lifts the mood

Starchy foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes are slowly split into the individual sugar building blocks. The blood sugar level rises only slightly, but it remains constant over a longer period. During this time, tryptophan is increasingly taken up in the brain and converted there to serotonin, which boosts our mood.

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