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There are numerous recipes available to make green juice. You can use as many natural and healthy ingredients as you want. If you grow these in your own kitchen, then it’s even better! Here’s a recipe of Gree Juice that is my personal favorite.


Three Cabbage Leaves

Half a cup of spinach

Two tablespoons of parsley

An apple

A squeezed lemon

One teaspoon of grated ginger

Half cup chopped celery

Two glasses of mineral water

Method of preparation

Just put it all together and blend.

To make the green juice of your choice, you can combine the ingredients you want on your own.

The base of the juice is usually cabbage leaves, but you can also use spinach, coriander, celery. Also add a citrus fruit, like a pineapple. If you want to use a bit of ginger, it’s fine too. You can develop your own recipe from there.

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