Can You Lose Weight by Just Walking?

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A personal trainer and a nutritionist points out that yes you can lose weight but with some conditions.

If you are in full bikini operation and you are one of those who have trouble going through the gym, walking can be your great ally to lose weight, yes, with some conditions.

it is important to take into account the intensity with which one works to lose fat, since walking is not the same as walking fast. However, It is advisable to alternating walking with another type of exercise to work the muscles of the body. “The ideal is to carry out an activity that you can move and work the whole body. Walking is healthy but it is not enough to exercise arms, back and other body parts. But it can definitely help you lose weight provided that you walk daily for good 45-60 minutes.

It is important to practice any activity. Walking, cycling, climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator should be practiced.

If you do not like going to the gym, you can climb the stairs for 15-20 minutes and mix it with walking for 25 minutes.

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