Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner During a Full Body Detox

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A choice of menu is a green juice (water, a leaf of cabbage and an apple – Read how to make Green Juice), a red juice (200g of watermelon, strawberry, ice and leaves of mint) or a juice rich in vitamin C (half papaya, an orange and a lemon). And for those who prefer ordinary juice, this is also a great option. Just hit the blender a slice of melon and 100g of fresh or frozen blackberry. In addition to the juices, it is possible to consume a little fruit as well.


Some lunch options are a green leafy salad, a roasted chicken breast, three tablespoons of brown rice, three tablespoons of beans, zucchini, carrot, and grilled eggplant. Or a salad of leaves, four tablespoons of red rice with chicken and curry. Another good option is the leafy salad with a fish filet with spinach and two tablespoons of sweet potato puree.


Some alternatives are pumpkin soup, leaf salad, omelet with broccoli, vegetable soup or tuna filet. They all serve as the last meal of the day and do not make you sleep with that heavy feeling in your stomach.

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