8 Truths About Green Tea’s Benefits

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Various studies have been conducted on green to know about its benefits for health. It is known to us that green tea is beneficial for not just weight losss but also prevents many diseases. Here some more facts about green tea that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Tea bag is less efficient

The green tea is prepared from buds and leaves of a herb called Camellia sinensis. Simply put water to boil and so begins to bubble, turn off the heat and add the grass, leaving the tea to infuse for three minutes. Tea bags are not effective.

2. Caffeine Alert

With stimulating effect on the nervous system, caffeine can cause headache, agitation, irritation and increased heart rate. Caffeine-sensitive people can suffer from these symptoms if they take more than one liter a day.

Compare the amount of caffeine contained in the same dose of:

Coffee: 25-50 mg

Cappuccino: 25-50 mg

Black tea: 10 mg

Just like coffee, it should not be taken shortly after a meal. Caffeine, which is present in tea leaves, impairs the body’s absorption of iron and vitamin C. So you have to wait at least one hour before you drink green tea.

3. Accelerates metabolism

Green tea contains large amounts of antioxidants and other substances, such as caffeine itself, which accelerate the metabolism.

4. Protects the heart

Green tea helps protect the heart’s health by reducing the chances of clots forming in the arteries, thanks to the flavonoids it carries. Flavonoids also keep arteries more flexible, smoothing the impacts of constant In order to feel this effect, it is necessary to consume at least three cups of the green tea per day.

5. Anti-Aging Drink

By having a powerful antioxidant effect, green tea prevents the action of free radicals, which cause the cells to age prematurely.

6. Reduces bad cholesterol

People who drink green tea are more likely to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol LDL, compared people who do not consume the drink.

7. Strengthens the immune system

Green tea contains polyphenols, vitamins C, K, B1 and B2, manganese, potassium and folic acid. All these substances improve the functioning of the immune system, preventing infections, inflammation, cavities and many diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi.

8. Protects against cancer

Prevention of cancer is another benefit of green tea. In addition to catechin, a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell proliferation from occurring in a deregulated way, green tea is rich in bioflavonoids. These two substances block the cellular changes that give rise to tumors.

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