8 Foods That Cause Acne

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Acne is caused due to hormonal changes or excessive dirt and oil trapped in the skin. It can much worse when your food intake is bad. So, avoid eating the following foods if you have acne or have acne prone skin.

  1. Red meat

Animal proteins are not good for your skin. This is because they are very difficult to digest, leaving residual products and the extra fat, these residues can be expelled through the skin, forming the unpleasant breakouts.

  1. Eggs

When the yolk is consumed in a lot of quantity, it can cause the bacteria in your skin to multiply and alter your pH, which is very harmful to your body. On the contrary, the egg white can provide benefits, if you use it as a mask.

  1. Coffee, tea and cola drinks

These drinks substantially increase the production of hormones , this is due to a large amount of caffeine they contain. A weekend with a lot of coffee and soda could end up causing acne on your face without stopping.

  1. Bread, pasta and flour

This type of food contains too many counterproductive ingredients and among them, sugar, salt, and fats. These irritate and, inflame your skin and can cause pimples.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products are basically fat and salt, so it’s no wonder that when you consume them, a lot of pimples will appear on your face.

  1. Fried or weathered foods

When you fry a food, it fills up with unnecessary fat , this will make your problems with acne multiply.

  1. Chilli and spices

These foods can irritate your skin and may even trigger allergies, so try to avoid them.

  1. Cheese

The cheese causes an increase in pimples because it contains a large amount of hormones like estrogen, no matter if it is pasteurized or not, they still contain them. It also increases insulin levels, which can cause inflammation and fat production .

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