7 Luscious Secrets of French Diet

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France is known for delicious cheese, wine and, chocolates. Despite the amount of calorie intake in their food, how do the French manage to stay slim? Only 18% of the population has overweight problems. It is suggested that the secret is not in their diet, but because they celebrate every meal.

Below you will find 7 French secrets of enjoying every meal you eat. The same is the secret to a slim body, we promise!

  1. Eat slowly and eat small portions

Health experts have established the importance of eating slowly. Studies show that when we relish every bite we eat, we consume fewer calories. In French culture, food is not simply food, it is a ritual where the family gathers to share, laugh and talk. The foods highlight this experience. The French almost never eat too much because they savor every bite and this helps them feel satisfied when they finish eating.

  1. Don’t mind the price

The French always prefer the quality of food, although it costs them a little more. By spending more money on organic and fresh foods, they can reduce their long-term medical expenses. In addition, they use the complete product, including bones and organs, this makes their nutrition is nutritious and very tasty.  

  1. They avoid buying commercial and processed products.

They are stick to organic products, grown locally, although this means going through the market several times a week. If they want bread, they visit the bakery, if they want meat they visit their local butcher shop. Cooking with unprocessed products is the key to your fitness. However, Americans, to save time and money buy canned, processed and pre-packaged foods, do you see the difference?

  1. Quality and not quantity

For the French, it is not about obtaining the greatest number of products at a specific price, but about obtaining the best product and the best possible quality. They know that any product that is sold in large packages or in bulk, is full of preservatives and chemicals, and they refuse to consume mediocre and bad-tasting products. They choose to buy good quality products although it costs them more because the French know that we all deserve to eat well.

  1. Satisfy the cravings

Any food that you forbid, you’re going to crave. For the French, nothing is beyond their reach. They enjoy a little wine with each meal and as they are not limited, then they never overdo it. When they taste a dessert, they do not think about the amount of sugar and butter it contains, they concentrate on the texture and beautiful presentation of the little sweet they have on their plate. This prevents them from eating excessively and without thinking.

  1. Admire the food

The French do not believe in calorie counting, because this degrades the food. Instead they admire the complexity of the food and the way of cooking. In this way they can fully enjoy their food.

  1. They do not buy anything unnatural

The French do not buy any product that indicates that it is: without sugar, without cholesterol or any type of vegetarian “meat”, this is not in their vocabulary. They take pride in cooking and eating real products.

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