5 Reasons to Sleep on Silk Bedding

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Silk is a fine fabric, especially because of its softness but … that’s not all! Silk bedding, especially a silk pillow, can be your skin’s best friend. Here’s why:

Less Rubbing:

Because of its softness, silk is very gentle to your skin and hair; in fact, many specialists recommend the use of silk pillows to people with excessive hair breakage.

If you have acne, cotton pillows can be a bit hard on your skin which is already irritated due to pimples. Enter silk pillows whose softness is ready to take you in their embrace.

Keep the night cream intact

One of the drawbacks of cotton is that it has the ability to absorb cosmetics, for example, night cream or night serum. This can cause your skincare routine efforts to diminish a little. Silk on the other hand does not absorb moisture. So your skin will get the most out of your night cream and stay moisturized all night.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Silk is hypoallergenic and soothing on skin. Which is why it is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Don’t be surprised you hear a doctor recommending someone with acne or eczema sleep on silk pillows.

Reduces wrinkles

The smooth fabric is soft to our skin, doesn’t rub against it. Those sleep lines you have after sleeping on a cotton pillow – you won’t get them here in case of silk pillows.

Keep your body temperature maintained

Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb heat. If you are someone who switches to the cooler side of the pillow at night, you won’t have to do it anymore, because silk comparatively stays cool. At the same time, it also keeps you insulated from cold during winter.

Great for your mood

No one can stay grumpy if you have soft silk sheets to sleep on. Also, if you wish you and your partner had sex more often, silk sheets are one way to start!

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