5 Protein Loaded Yummy Snacks

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The charm that exists in the trend of consumption of smoothies is their practicality to prepare them, they are rich and in a single drink, you can take a giant amount of nutrients that you do not consume regularly in a complete meal. The key is to choose well the ingredients that you will add to the blender, including a higher percentage of vegetables and cereals, and only add two servings of fruit to sweeten your drink.



Surely you have seen these soybeans as an entrance in Japanese restaurants, it is the dish to nibble while you wait for the main course, something like the table bread that they serve with butter, but the difference is that these are ultra healthy and you can buy frozen and then prepare them at home and take them everywhere.


Edamame is known as a complete protein because it contains the nine essential amino acids, it is a vegetable source of complete proteins, very similar to the protein content of foods of animal origin, such as meat, dairy products and eggs. Eating half a cup of edamames adds more than 11 grams of protein to your diet, so you can start accommodating them in a tupper and enjoy them one by one.



Chickpea, like all legumes, is a nutrient rich food, mainly because it is an important source of protein. Among its qualities, the chickpea helps control blood pressure, since it is low in sodium, contains fiber and isoflavones that favor the decrease of LDL cholesterol and gives energy of slow absorption, which generates satiety and avoids the peaks of blood glucose.


Once cooked the chickpeas, you have them dominated, make them what you want; from a toast covered with chickpeas and a few drops of olive oil, a salad, and please, you can not omit a creamy hummus; Simply crush the grains, add some olive oil, season and ready.



Most vegetables contain between 1 and 2 grams of protein per cup, but avocado (which is technically a fruit) outweighs both fruits and vegetables. Although 4 grams may not seem like much, the avocado protein contains the nine essential amino acids, the amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own to build muscle and create more protein.


Half avocado in a whole tortilla, cheese, some vegetable such as spinach or arugula; Dobladita and slightly golden brown, it is ideal not to sin in the diet and to promote the love for the avocado that we live in these times.


Mix of nuts

All nuts are almost equal in terms of calories per ounce, and in moderation, they are all healthy additions to any diet. The mixture of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and fiber, besides nourishing the body, causes satiety for a longer time. On the other hand, they contain high levels of polyphenols, antioxidant chemical compounds that help the body to counteract the effects of molecules that cause oxidation and damage cells


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