5 Healthy and Yummy Snacks to Lose Weight

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Small snacks usually include chocolate chip cookies, a piece of chocolate, a sweet mocktail, or fried snacks. Even taken in small quantity at 2-3 times a day, they add to your total calorie intake. Do we stop eating snacks? No way. In fact, it is advised to keep eating small meals every 2-3 hours in order to keep a healthy body. Here are some healthy snack ideas that are yummy and nutritious, but will not add much to your calorie intake per day.

  1. Cottage cheese with cucumber or berries

Mix 100 g of cottage cheese with half grated cucumber, season to taste with salt, pepper and fresh herbs and make a light, tasty snack. Paprika, tomatoes can also be added. If you want, you can mix cottage cheese with berries, which also tastes delicious.

  1. Lean quark with cucumber and shrimp

Season 250 g of lean quark with salt, pepper and herbs. If you like, cut a clove of garlic and mix it. Add some grated cucumber and add some shrimp.

  1. Papaya with lime juice

Cut 100 grams of papaya into small pieces and sprinkle with a little lime juice. Chop spicy Moroccan mint and sprinkle over it.

  1. Tuna salad

To 100 g of tuna you give 2 shallots, one scant half red, green and yellow peppers cut into small pieces, with chives and pepper from the mill. Boil an egg, quarter, add and arrange.

  1. Strawberries / raspberries with mint

Quarter 100 g of strawberries, place in a bowl and drizzle with honey. Preferably, make the honey slightly fluid so that it becomes more supple. The whole mix. Cut the mint into small pieces and pour over the strawberry snack. The snack is not only delicious but also very healthy and helps you lose weight. Raspberries can be used instead of strawberries.

All these snacks can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Also, remember to use fresh fruits and vegetables. Add in 3-4 cups of green tea in your daily diet, and you will surely start maintaining a healthy weight. You can also include a lemon drink instead of green tea.

Remember to use honey instead of sugar! 🙂

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