5 bad mistakes you should avoid after the workout

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If you want to exercise effectively, you should pay a lot of attention. Quickly put the training behind you and then on the couch? No way! After the workout you can make many mistakes. I’ll tell you what you should NEVER do after your workout!

You do not cool down properly

If you switch from a full sprint to a total standstill, it’s bad for your muscles. If I go running, then the cool down consists of relaxed and slow going to catch your breath.

You renounce the black roll or foam roller

At first a cool down with the black roll feels really strange. It even hurt a bit on my thighs. The Black Roll makes bonded tissue (fascia) resilient and soft again. But after the third time it will be much better. I now take the black roll once a week. Especially after intensive training you should use the role for the massage of the stressed body parts.

You treat yourself to a pizza

Your muscles will be waiting for energy after training so they can initiate the repair process. After training, the muscles are a bit offended – you can tell that the next day when sore muscles.

You grab a ready sports drink

Whichever sport you choose, you lose a lot of water during your workout. And that’s good! But to put that right again, after workouts you can best reach for still water. This is the best way to absorb your body. I would do without fruit juices and additional sugar.

You have no time for relaxing

Once you have exhausted your body needs your first recovery. In this recovery phase, the muscles have time to grow. When sleeping, the body repairs muscle injuries that have arisen during exercise. Recovery makes your muscle bigger and more workout-intensive and powerful.

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