30-Second Workouts to Lose Weight Quick

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Obviously, miracles do not exist, and this routine of quick exercises to lose weight will not help you if you do not take minimal care of the diet. The scientific evidence shows that the best table of exercises to keep fit has to consist of a few but very intense movements, and for that, you only need some household items such as a chair, a wall or a mat. Nothing that includes expensive equipments or hard to find.

There are 12 exercises that you must do during 30 seconds rest another 10 between each one. It is advisable to repeat them at least seven times each.

Most of them are perfect for women. In addition, you can adapt the intensity to put them into practice depending on your ability. Ideally, you should always give them the maximum, otherwise, interval training would be useless.

These are all the exercises in their corresponding order:

Jump and open your legs in the air

Flex the knees by supporting the back on the wall



Climbing a chair alternating with both legs


Triceps supported on the chair


Lift the knees alternately


Push up and rotation

Side plank

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