3 Easy Butt Exercises That You Can Do Before Bedtime

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Pool lift / Bridge

Lie on your back, put your legs wide and put your hands on the floor with the backs of your hands. Now push your pelvis up as far as you can, then slowly return it to the floor. Ideally, you do it twice with 10-15 lifts, without your butt touching the ground.

Warrior Balance

The Warrior Balance exercise is inspired by yoga and trains your butt muscles from a standing position. Main ability: Balance can hold!

You stand on your left leg and lift your right knee up to your body. Then you stretch your body and your outstretched left arm forward while the right leg back. Make sure your upper body is parallel to the ground. Best dose: 2×10 repetitions.

4-piece figure

Lie on your back and place your right leg at an angle of 90 degrees on the extended left leg. Then place your outstretched arms palm down on the ground next to you. Then you move the outstretched leg up and back to the ground without touching it. You should do the exercise 10x and then change sides. That also trains the abs very well!

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