3-Day Detox Diet Plan for First Timers

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For people who are interested in starting a detox diet, it is recommended to start slowly, that is, to do a 3-day cycle, just to see how the body reacts.


On the first day, during breakfast, you can start by taking in a glass of strawberry juice with orange and goji berry (or any other berry). In the morning snack, a tip is to take coconut water with an apple. For lunch and dinner, you can eat a grilled chicken fillet with 3 tablespoons of brown rice and a salad of cabbage and carrot. It’s a great way out for the first day of dieting. And to close the day, in the afternoon snack, take a papaya vitamin with almond milk and oats.


On the second day of DD, during breakfast, one option is to take a green juice of lemon, ginger, and cabbage. In the morning snack, an apple along with some nuts. At lunch and dinner, give preference to a serving of cooked fish, with three tablespoons of chickpeas and a salad of pod, tomato, and cucumber. And for the afternoon snack, it’s worth eating a mashed banana with a tablespoon of flaxseed.


And for the third and last day of the detox diet, we suggest a banana and almond milk for breakfast. In the morning snack, have a chamomile tea with fruit (it is a great way to heal the lining in the stomach). At lunch and dinner opt for a cooked chicken fillet with tomato sauce, three tablespoons brown rice and a lettuce, corn, and beet salad. And to close the day, one option is to take an orange juice with cabbage and watermelon, along with a slice of whole wheat bread.

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