3 Biggest Mistakes of Fat Loss Training

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Male and female bodies differ when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. Women have lesser muscle mass, and it takes them more effort to gain the firm up. Here are some misconceptions and mistakes that you should remove from your head when training for losing weight.

  1. Hours of endurance training in the “fat burning area”

The practice of sports in the extensive area is usually based on the assumption that the calories burned during exercise are important to reduce body fat. It’s more about increasing the body’s resting energy. With a long moderate endurance training, the number of calories burned is limited mainly to the time of training.

In addition, there is the effect that the more endurance training you do, the more muscle you lose. But fat is burned only in the muscles! So you better put in a couple of short, exhausting intervals.

  1. Targeted training of “problem areas”

Training certain areas of your body for increased fat loss at these places is a waste of time! The body does not pull the fat out of the zone that you happen to be training. Just because you feel burning in these areas does not mean that you “burn” much there.

For successful fat loss, you should do exercises that involve as many muscle groups as possible (preferably full-body exercises). This shortens the training time enormously and causes a much larger fat loss.

  1. Avoid intensive strength training

A big concern of many women is that intense strength training leads to greater muscle mass and they look “muscle packed”.

Rather, the rule is that weight training gives women slim, firm contours and better fit into their tight pants. Should this not be the case after some time of strength training, it is usually the diet that is not aimed at reducing body fat. Sometimes it is also because the acquired muscle tension (“toning”) finally lifts the limp butt.

In addition, muscle build-up never makes you look any less feminine. Female muscles are petite and smaller by default. Rather, building some muscle makes you lose more weight, because those muscles use up more calories!

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