13 Foods That Activate the Slimming Gene

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1. Red Wine:

Red wine is excellent at boosting metabolism

2. Arugula:

It is a pizza topping and also a salad that stimulates loss of fat.

3. Cocoa:

It has antioxidant action that stimulates the loss of fat from body.

4. Celery:

It is excellent salad that aids weightloss and has a lot of fibre.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

It enhances immune system and accelerates metabolism.

6. Nuts:

These are rich in gallic acid that stimulates the sirtuin.

7. Green Tea:

This is a well-known substance that activates the sirtuin. It also has antioxidants that are helpful in weightloss.

8. Strawberries:

Strawberries contain fisetin that stimulate the weightloss hormone.

9. Capres:

It has elements that activate the sirtuin.

10. Coffee:

Coffee has caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, these are two substances that awaken sirtuin.

11. Purple Onion:

It activates the lean gene and contains quercetin that helps lose weight.

12. Salsa:

It is rich in apigenin and myricetin that fights obesity.

13. Galician Cabbage:

It contains quercetin that accelerate metabolism and boosts muscle development.

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