11 Amazing Yoga Benefits

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Yoga has been practiced for ages. In recent decades, the fascination of India has swifter and farther west. And now also an integral part of our fitness landscape. But yoga involves much more than the athletic component. Originally, it’s about the connection between mind and body. But yoga is hard to define. Because there are many styles and hybrid forms that pursue different goals.

  1. Connection between body, soul and spirit

In a yoga workout, the various asanas are kept for a while. Flowing movements connect the individual positions, so that a flow is created. That brings inner balance.

  1. No Equipment

The great thing about yoga: You hardly need expensive equipment. A few basics, such as a yoga leggings.

  1. Everyone can do yoga

It does not matter how old you are. Whether a woman or a man or a child. Even pregnant women can practice yoga. It is important only to pay attention to your own body. 

  1. Fit from the hair tips to the toes

What does yoga do for the body? Yoga activates the muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. As a result, many muscles are trained and built. Of course, you can also focus on specific muscle groups or body areas.

  1. Sharpen the intuition and listen to our gut feeling

Too often we encounter the world with rationality. We listen to the mind and ignore our gut feeling. In the complex world, we find no room to perceive our intuition.

  1. Losing weight with yoga

The combination of asanas with conscious breathing increases the oxygen content in the blood. Among other things, this ensures that kidney, liver and digestive organs can work better. This detoxifies the body better.

  1. Exercise muscles effectively with yoga

Training with dumbbells or kettleballs definitely have their advantage! But those who regularly get on the mat, even more, yoga benefits can make their own: Because the muscles are indeed slower, but much more effectively built.

  1. The hormone balance is brought into balance

Another point on the list of yoga benefits: The hormone balance is regulated. The execution of asanas stimulates glands. These are responsible for the hormone secretion.

  1. Find relaxation and serenity in everyday life

Our world is so fast-paced. Constantly many things bother on our minds. We can skilfully maneuver through all these external impulses and forget to give our mind a break.

  1. More concentration

Yoga is not just about knotting you in a particularly impressive way. During the Yoga Flow, the focus is always on the conscious breathing back. This helps to train the mind for concentration.

  1. The best fitness program for body, mind and soul

Yoga offers a holistic program. We can train our body and build muscle. The asanas certainly help to activate energy centers. This has a positive effect on our physical fitness.

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