10 foods that put your metabolism in fat burning mode

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  1. Apple

This fruit is ideal to consume at any time of the day. It is a very healthy snack. The peel has pectin, a mixture of acidic polymers that generates a feeling of satiety and, if that was not enough, it delays the absorption of fats. It should be noted that to digest an apple of 85 calories, our body burns 95.

  1. Grapefruit

It has a lot of vitamin C and papain, an enzyme that breaks down fat molecules. It is ideal to consume it at breakfast or before eating, to burn more fat. Taste it in segments and not in juice.

  1. Meats and eggs

These foods are rich in lysine and methionine, essential amino acids to synthesize carnitine. The latter is a substance that helps burn fat while we exercise. Therefore, they can not miss a balanced diet plan.

  1. Champiñones

They are high in iodine, a fundamental substance for the functioning of the thyroid, the gland responsible for burning fats. Remember that iodine is also found in sea fish, seafood, spinach, and carrots.

  1. Dairy

It is advisable to consume three servings of dairy a day; They are rich in calcium, which accelerates the combustion of fats.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon avoids that the glucose rises sharply when consuming sweets. Remember that excess glucose elevates our insulin, which converts food into fat. Therefore, it is good to add cinnamon to desserts.

  1. Spices

Curry, paprika or paprika, chili, pepper and other spices generate greater energy expenditure, helping to burn fat during digestion. Of course, you should eat them in moderation.

  1. Lemonade

This accompanied by honey is transformed into an exquisite drink that prevents you from consuming the harmful sodas.

  1. Melon and watermelon

Both foods have a diuretic effect, in addition to providing a huge amount of water, dragging the fat of our body.

  1. Beets

It is rich in fiber and has a substance called betanin, which stimulates kidney activity and helps eliminate fluids. On the other hand, it benefits the lymphatic system and is good for expelling toxins from the body.

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