Benefits of Apple Vinegar for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Apple Vinegar for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Apple cider vinegar for Hair Dry hair: these hairs have open cuticles and hence become dry, rough, full of frizz and bulky. The pH of such a hair is usually more alkaline. To make hair healthier, it is good to invest in products that contain acidic pH to close the cuticles of the … Read more

10 myths and truths about sunscreen

“10 myths and truths about sunscreen” is locked 10 myths and truths about sunscreen

Applying Sunscreen on wet skin is better – Myth Have you noticed that when applying the sunscreen with the wet body the product spreads more easily? Although practical, this is not a good thing. Upon contact and mixing with water, the cosmetic is diluted and ends up losing part of its protection. The sunscreen with … Read more

Essential Habits to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Essential Habits to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Absolutely everything we do interferes in some way with the body – so many of our actions have a direct impact on the skin , which is the largest organ in the human body. Use only products that fit your skin type You must know your skin. Is it normal, dry, mixed or oily? If … Read more

Reduce Skin Oiliness with These 5 Steps


There are different types of skin. One is drier, where the most prevalent aspect is dryness. The other is called mixed, meaning the skin is drier on the cheek and oily in the regions of the chin, nose and forehead. There are also people with oily skin, where oiliness predominates throughout the face. The cause … Read more

Healthy From Inside: 5 Foods for Great Hair

No expensive hair products, no cremes or serums. I don’t say they are useless, but true health comes from within. When the hair is well-nourished and healthy, it will be luscious and beautiful. Here are 5 superfoods to achieve luscious thick locks. Eggs Eggs are the best food for those of you who want to … Read more