5 Reasons to Sleep on Silk Bedding

reasons to sleep on silk bed

Silk is a fine fabric, especially because of its softness but … that’s not all! Silk bedding, especially a silk pillow, can be your skin’s best friend. Here’s why: Less Rubbing: Because of its softness, silk is very gentle to your skin and hair; in fact, many specialists recommend the use of silk pillows to … Read more

Cardio + abdominal training to lose weight at home

Training consisting of 6 cardio and abdominal exercises to strengthen the core area and burn body fat. We advise you to complete this routine without material twice a week, and combine it with general toning exercises with weight to improve your whole body. Do not forget to follow a balanced diet! Exercise Seconds Repetitions Break … Read more

5 empowering workouts to lose abdominal fat

Walk Although it may not seem like it and often does not occur to us, walking between 30 and 60 minutes a day is a highly recommended exercise to reduce abdominal fat. Exercises The recommended exercises to lose abdominal fat are usually the classic squats with or without weights and also toning exercises with weights … Read more

3 Healthy Detoxifying Smoothies for Breakfast

Try these healthy detox smoothies and detox your body of unhealthy chemicals, oils, and enzymes. Pomegranate Detox Smoothie The pomegranate is one of the fruits with greater properties and will fundamentally provide us – in combination with the orange – a very tasty drink to detoxify your body. Ingredients: 2 oranges 1 banana 1 handle … Read more

5 Protein Loaded Yummy Snacks

Smoothies The charm that exists in the trend of consumption of smoothies is their practicality to prepare them, they are rich and in a single drink, you can take a giant amount of nutrients that you do not consume regularly in a complete meal. The key is to choose well the ingredients that you will … Read more